This is a photo in San Francisco with my colleagues from Yelp. I am second from the left wearing a red dress shirt.

Computer Scientist

I graduated from Case Western Reserve University (2014) with a major in computer science and minors in music and entrepreneurship. I have interned at Microsoft (2012), Yelp (2013), and JumpStart (2011-2013). I start working full time at Google in Sept. 2014.



My team developed a skiing simulator called OcuSkinect for Oculus Rift and Xbox Kinect at HackCWRU and won a top prize of an Xbox One. I created 52 Facebook applications in the 52 weeks of 2011 (see links below). I have worked with a PhD student at Case Western Reserve named Renuka Hodigere on network analysis research. I created a prototype of a social network for my University called I created a music discovery engine. I worked on an app that promotes water sustainability called Clean and Green. My software engineering group project was a browser-based chess game called Murtaziq that lets players use nontraditional chess pieces. My senior group project was an engine called CrunchJS for building in-browser multiplayer online battle arena games. Many of my projects are works in progress and 100% availability and uptime is not guaranteed.

52 Facebook Apps Project:


I am a clarinet player and played with the Case Symphonic Winds during my college career. I also use an electric clarinet and a music production controller to create electronic music. I am studying the tools of modern music production such as Auto-Tune, virtual instruments, and MIDI.

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Also, I have a confession to make. My real name is Tony Stark. I am Iron Man. Keep scrolling down to see a picture of Pepper Potts and me.